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Rewild Nature is an established conservation organisation based around the combined skills of qualified conservationists and horticulturalists, making our organisation ideal for any project, large or small - from   rewilding and conserving larger spaces, to creating nature aware gardens and integrated  outdoor shelters



Our first forays into conservation took place in a small paradise like meadow that was attached to the estate of Lord Dunsany. After years of neglect this famous little plot, a favoured spot of William Blake, Samuel Palmer and many other notables including of course Lord Dunsany, was brought back into use as a prime site for butterflies and reptiles and no few mammals and birds. After suitable research and a years practical study, each species was noted and given suitable management, employing a novel method for the time - in clearing scrub progression by gradually enlarging the grassland that had survived rather than mechanically clearing the entire site as was the practice of the day. Our modern methods of sympathetic management have evolved, but still maintain that original ethos and stand in contrast to the contractual work normally done by non natural history specialists. Our team consists of a top horticulturalist, specialist in gardens, three top natural history specialists, a conservationist, a tree specialist and a specialist wild space designer for work in domestic and larger gardens. We also cooperate with architects and specialists creating harmonious garden structures of all kinds.


A List of Services

Rewildnature appreciates that each site is unique and has its own particular soil and natural plant type. We therefore customize our services to suit the site for what can be naturally enhanced. In the process we create a beautiful and aesthetic result, a progression of flowers, shrubs and trees, maximising both the appeal of the site, but with the widest diversity of insects, birds and mammals, including reptiles and amphibians (where suitable). For full details on the services we provide and to book a consultation, please contact us as below.

Juniper Plant


Rewilding gardens is a speciality of our organisation, thereby promoting wildlife diversity to urban and suburban gardens. This can be from creating small spaces for specific species to remodelling and rewilding whole spaces to provide habitats for as diverse a cross section as possible for appropriate local species.


We offer a complete consultation service - from working with architects on new developments, to advising on public spaces bound to land management contracts. Our consultancy is based around observation and study followed by practical recommendations to enhance the work of the existing management team.

Conservation Areas

Boots on the ground - long before the climate emergency, our senior team members were already practicing new management techniques on valuable habitats slowly going under invasive scrub progression. The valuable lessons learnt subsequently saved large scale areas and diverse wildlife species from complete loss.


Creative Collaborations


Peace Love and Plants

A Perfect Combination is pleased to be associated with Sarah Flotel FRS, who's collaborative work, help and advice has allowed an integrated approach in our work with domestic garden settings.   

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Shoreham Village Society

The Butterfly Man

Rewildnature were pleased to be associated with Shoreham Village society in the the initial phase of conservation on the hillsides overlooking the village, now highly productive as a fully managed site of special scientific interest.

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Dunsany Estate

Early days 1976 -1987

Rewildnature were pleased to be associated with the consultation, methodology and conservation of large areas of downland owned by the Dunsany Estate in cooperation with Miss Beatrice Plunket, later Mike Brown of B C Kent.

Whitehall Recreation

Remodelling an existing conservation site


This client has had a close association with us over several years. In the past we logged and recorded the species extant upon this small site, which despite its obvious isolation, did in fact have a close proximity, some forty to fifty years ago, with the meadows surrounding the Ravensbourne river as it flowed through this part of South Bromley. However, after the floods of 1967, the river, over an extensive length, was enclosed, leaving a remnant of species, some of which have survived to this day. It was our aim to foster what was left and reinforce if possible those species natural to the site. In this case we acted as consultants and oversaw the work carried out by contractors in association with LBB. Result, one year in

Idverde - Elmfield/Scraginhall Woods


Ten years in

This is a pet local project that has yielded no end of satisfaction and creative opportunities for all concerned. Starting in 2005, a small area of grassland in an otherwise overgrown and neglected wood, (formerly part of the Norman Estate) has been developed and maintained for the benefit of numerous invertebrate, bird, reptile, amphibian and mammal species. 2019/20 saw the project adopted by Idverde in partnership with London Borough of Bromley, consequent to which has been a thorough going cooperative effort at clearance and maintenance, including the the friends local group posting of bird and bat boxes added to by rewildnature and installing more boxes and a trail camera and bird hide with feeders. Here's a film we made at mid summer showing remarkable progress with the site

Garden Office Buildings


Working from home and need a well established company that can add an integrated and vital creative resource to your redesigned and remodelled garden?  We are your trusted partners waiting to fulfil your dreams with a perfect solution.

Collaboration with Richard and Liam Bee of Garden Office Buildings has yielded significant added value for many of our 'private' clients that required not only a remodelling of their garden, but also a modern garden structure. Installed  at the same time as the garden remodelling, saves on costs and limits disruption to a single process, a win, win.



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